Karla Canamaso

My name is Karla Canamaso

The brains behind this operation I am super friendly, I swear

About Me

Karla Canamaso
  • Name:Karla Canamaso
  • Age:31
  • Degree:B.F.A in Visual Communication, Graphic Design major
  • Where:American University in Dubai
  • Hobbies:Spinning, skiing, boxing, hiking... then eating a lot.
  • Home now:Columbia, Maryland
  • Real home:Philippines, Dubai & Black Rock City

The Full Story

I was born in the beautiful island nation of the Philippines (7,641 islands to be exact) and raised there till I was 10 years old. My parents and I then moved to Dubai, UAE in 1998 where I spent my formative years discovering my passion for design, food and travel. The city I grew up in was relatively unknown back then, and I watched it blossom from a literal desert to the glistening multi-cultural jewel of the Middle East it is today. I worked the 9-5 as a graphic designer immediately after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2010. However, I grew tired of the routine and yearned for more. So I decided a “break” was needed. That break, as it turns out, was a career change and a fresh start in America.

I quickly rose up the ranks in the food industry, unlocking many abilities I never knew I had in me. One fateful day though, a realization smacked me in the face: no one can really escape what they were meant to do. I just had to find the happy median between design work and play.

I stumbled into my dream job at Hudson Trail Outfitters, Ltd as the Graphics & Creative Director in 2013. My daily life consisted of marrying the outdoor lifestyle with graphic design and social media - I had found it at last! I fell in love with the outdoors, got to know many influential people in the industry and learned how to run a 5-chain local outdoor retailer's marketing and media. Little did I know that that was only my stepping stone to this. Running my own creative agency, helping small businesses thrive in unfamiliar territory. Giving people access to good quality design without the premium cost. And I'm sticking to it!

When I’m not home clicking away at pixels in Maryland, I’m either on the road feeding my wanderlust (my travel photos are featured all over this site!), skiing down a hill or sweating it out in a dark spin studio.

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